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  1. Captain_Alpha


    1. Is it possible to make Guild skill buffs automatically restore when we are offline?. It's inconvenient when our Mules come in and have to wait more than 30 minutes for them to continue using 2. It would be great if the limit of 180/week, the number of sales of this boss crystal is...
  2. Captain_Alpha

    A few small suggestions

    1. Get all Arcane and Grandis daily quests in one go Scrolling down and clicking on a task multiple times is very annoying, and if someone is working on 4 or 5 characters, clicking that many times is very annoying. Or you can do daily on the first character, and subsequent characters can skip...
  3. Captain_Alpha

    Kryu, scammer, falsely slandered and threatened me

    Besides challenging and intimidating others, what are you good at? Ah, probably making up stories to make everyone else feel sorry for them 😄 :ROFLMAO:
  4. Captain_Alpha

    Kryu, scammer, falsely slandered and threatened me

    I know him, he is a guy who specializes in RMT to make money. I thought yesterday's incident was over, but unexpectedly, he was unbanned. I wonder why a person who specializes in RMT is crying and asking for an unban. After I told you two to stop creating drama at #support, he showed a harsh...
  5. Captain_Alpha

    Some Seren bugs that were deemed solved are not solved

    Seren dusk's 3 swords effect is still having an error, I sent sir a video of that error a while ago, when seren deploys 3 sword slashes 1 2 3, the animation effect is continuously delayed, and all members The team all lay down and were all killed by the seren sword
  6. Captain_Alpha

    boss nx award merge up to highest difficulty like boss points

    I think NX is very suitable right now. If you go through all the bosses in 1 week, you will have a lot of NX left over.
  7. Captain_Alpha

    Buff hourglass not working on triumph feather

    list skill not work with hourglass Dark Knight Job II: Hyper body III: Cross surge V: decent sharp eye decent combat Decent advanced Decent speed Decent holy symbol
  8. Captain_Alpha

    Buff hourglass not working on triumph feather

    Of all my buffs, only "Maple warrior" is active @@.
  9. Captain_Alpha

    Seren, dawn of hope - Seren's shield cannot be broken

    as I mentioned before. Seren's P2 (dawn of hope) basically means the seren will not lose HP from player damage, but the seren's shield can be broken if the player deals damage to the seren. Otherwise, seren will heal for the total amount of shield she has. When I practice on Hard mode, Dawn of...
  10. Captain_Alpha

    Increase to auto buff slots

    Suggest adding hourglass buff for 1 hour, because I have 3 skills that need auto buff 😄
  11. Captain_Alpha

    Pendant of Spirit

    The same thing happens on Green Pendant from monter park as the 20% drop doesn't work
  12. Captain_Alpha

    Added New Mode to Arcane River Bosses

    Of course after the 6th update, the power cannot reach that level, but after 1 or 2 months it is there, those are the verifications from gms, Exactly, those are big whales, but it's not like no one can reach such a fast time. I give an example of solo boss vhilla's speed.. big whales can clear...
  13. Captain_Alpha

    What class for 1st char

    Ark is the best, you can try it :love:. and top 1 Ark ^ ... here
  14. Captain_Alpha

    Added New Mode to Arcane River Bosses

    Surely those who have played through the Ristonia v2 server understand the difficulty of bosses that Linux has introduced, making many players struggle to clear them. It contributes to making group boss battles more interesting, more difficult, and more attractive. Compared to the current Black...
  15. Captain_Alpha

    Weapon aura & Maple world goddess's blessing no return

    At any given moment, these 2 skills cannot be used. When used, a notification will appear in the chat line, the current skill is not available.Similar to the current version v243 godd blessing also has the same error I don't know what causes this error Only by exiting or changing the channel can...
  16. Captain_Alpha

    Totem does not exist

    IGN: Captain JOB: Dark Knight ---------------------------------- Used totem, but don't see skill to use
  17. Captain_Alpha

    Add chaos circulators to the PQ shop

    I have no opinion on the article, but maybe I don't need it hehe
  18. Captain_Alpha

    Please check my account again

    elunabot, can you check for her, I played with her from ristonia, and I understand she doesn't have rwt, she hasn't been playing eluna for long, everyone knows her, so everyone Or sponsor items for her to use.
  19. Captain_Alpha

    Discuss arcane drop box ratio

    Agree with your comments
  20. Captain_Alpha

    Discuss arcane drop box ratio

    Yeah watch it, spend a lot of time training and running hvhilla, with 314% drop rate, yes I don't get anything.. nothing