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ban appeal [discord]

New member
Sep 27, 2023
id: deuce9249

good day eluna admins,

i was banned on discord a few months ago because i was mindlessly copying funny texts which unfortunately contained the n-word (i will admit, i was very childish at that point of time) and also constantly harassing other players. over this period of time, i have since reflected upon my behavior and decided that i wanted to become a better human being. i no longer harass players and instead try my best to help every new player i see in-game.

today, i actively donate my assets to Salvation Army and visit homeless shelters biweekly in order to help the needy. i am proud to say that these past few months have changed me into a better person. with that, i am seeking to appeal my ban that was caused by my immature actions. i promise to never harass or use slurs that may hurt other player's feelings.

yours sincerely,


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