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ban appeal for multi-acc

New member
May 15, 2024
Here's a bit of a complicated situation: I played on the ELUNA server for a while last year, but then I stopped because my friends gradually went AFK. A couple of days ago, a friend came over to see me and he created two accounts because he couldn't get all the rewards from hyper burning bugs, and he deleted all the characters on the first account before making the second one. Today, after watching him play, I got interested in playing MapleStory again. However, when I tried to log in, it said I was banned for multi-accounting. My friend also tried to log in to his account and found he was banned too. I forgot how strict this server is about multi-accounting. Could you please unban my acc and my friend's acc? I promise we won't log in from the same computer again. Thank you so much!

MY username:a547912169

my friend's username:a610469670