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Beginner's guide to Eluna


New member
Dec 15, 2023
Welcome to Eluna!

Do note that this guide is mainly tailored towards newer players. This is not the only way to play, and feel free to deviate from the guide.
Before you do anything, please read the TOS to prevent yourself from getting banned.

If you're too lazy to read, remember this.
  • Don't bot/macro/hack
  • Don't involve yourself with real-world trade
  • Don't multi-account.
ElunaMS Server Rates
Server Rates: 6x EXP, 8x Meso, 2x Drop

Eluna World Channel Regions
North America: 1-10
Europe: 11-20
South East Asia: 21-30
Oceania: 31-40

Custom Features\Skill Change
Skill Changes
  • Erda Fountain
    • This skill has been modified to allow better farming utility for all classes
    • This skill has been modified so it can be toggled between two modes with @Options
    • Right-click on Erda Shower/Fountain in the V Matrix to set it to deploy as Fountain Only if you desire
      • Mode 1
        • No changes
      • Mode 2
        • Max Summon Count: 1 - 2
        • Summon Duration: 60s - 90s
        • Summon Cooltime: 60s - 5s
  • Beast Tamers can max all Animals
  • Arcane Symbols
    • Each Arcane River region questline rewards you with a Lv. 3 Arcane Symbol instead of Lv. 1.
    • Each Arcane River daily will reward you with 40 symbols instead of 20.
  • Sacred Symbols
    • Each Grandis Continent will reward you daily with 20 symbols.
  • Increased legion coin generation

General Tips
  • Explore what Electra, Eluna's AIO NPC, has to sell; many important items are sold by him. (Such as totem, safety charm, cubes, PSOK, hammer, safety scroll)
  • Claim maple guide reward (only once per account; note that some contain free petvac, so open the box only when you want to farm!)
  • Type @help in all chat to view the list of commands available in Eluna. Recommend to play around with @Options as well
  • Looks can be changed with random beauty coupons dropped by all mobs or via cash shop's style coupon
  • Join the Discord server
  • Join a helpful guild - shout out to treason if you're unsure
  • Learn herbalism and mine all the special flowers if you see them as they drop Juniper Berry Seed Oil which you will need to craft Wealth Acquisition Potion (WAP)
  • You can skip the 5th job and the Arcane River questline. If your NPC chat hotkey is on N don't spam it, you'll auto-reject the option to skip
  • If you want to level up fast, always grab a 24-hour x2 coupon for 4VP when farming. It works even for levels 250 and above, despite the description
  • Redeem level-up rewards (lvl 100 and lvl 150) from the red gift box on the left side of your screen
  • You receive a free Sol Erda booster in your cash tab upon completion of 6th job. Remember to use it and claim your free Sol Erda daily by clicking on your maple reward icon

  • You can swap Sol Erda for Sol Erda Fragments in the Hexa Matrix by clicking on ?

Currencies in Eluna
  • Used for everything progression like in reboot. From cubes, sf, safety scrolls etc
  • Obtained by farming mobs, clearing the daily dungeon
  • obtained by doing daily/weekly bosses, can be obtained via event shop as well, though it's not recommended.
  • Used mainly for cosmetic and convenience purposes, such as Nx SSB, hyper teleport, beauty slot upgrade, etc
Donation points (DP)
  • Obtained by donating to our beloved private server, via Mansa NPC in Town Map
  • It can also be obtained by buying DP from other players
  • Primary use includes fashion story SSB, DP heart, cash equip with stats and of course Petvac
Vote point (VP)
  • Obtained by voting via the special chest NPC or typing @vote in all chat
  • Recommended to use for Petvac or x2 exp coupon or x2 drop if you don't have drop familiar yet.

Points/coins system available

Boss shop
  • Obtain boss points by killing daily/weekly boss. (Do note you're only allowed to receive the boss points once each week per world)
  • Recommended items to exchange: flames, return/icog/cog, legendary pot
Event Shop - Vending Machine
  • Obtain event points by participating in events at server time 01:00, 05:00, 13:00, 17:00, and 21:00. An envelope will appear above your character, click on that to join.
  • Some notable useful items are x2 exp, 2hours petvac and growth potions. Also catalyst if you're planning to transfer Arcane/SAC symbols.
Mini-game Merchant
  • Can be accessed from Quick Move -> Dimension Mirror -> Event Hall
  • You can obtain mini-game points by speaking to Nori and playing mini-games (recommended mini-games to play are jump quest and blink)
  • You can obtain a maximum of 500 points per day per account
  • Minigame merchant also sells items for mesos including 5 free petvac (all the mesos items are of good value to purchase except for fairy heart, which is later replaced by the DP hearts)
  • For beginners, getting 1 or 2 event rings from the minigame merchant and the event ring cube is recommended. (Only use the cube once your event ring is legendary rank for maximum efficiency)
  • Legendary potential scroll for event ring can also be considered
  • Rebirth flames, experience nodestones, arcane symbols and sacred symbols are also good options to purchase
  • The item counts will eventually be refreshed, however there is no information on when the next reset will be. Based on previous experience, you can expect a reset in 2 months or so.

Party quest merchant

  • Can be accessed from Quick Move -> Dimension Mirror -> Party Quest Entry
  • You can obtain party quest points by participating in any of the party quests available on this map
  • The most efficient and popular way to earn party quest points is doing escape party quest (epq) by speaking to Jenn (Minimum 3 players)
  • Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of things that are worth exchanging for, mainly one legendary potential scroll (6 round of epq), which resets every week, and the chairs/damage skin if it's to your liking

Leveling in Eluna
Eluna has got 2 built-in system to assist with fast and easy leveling and they can be found in the Eluna home map on the top right.

Zero to one hundred
  • Players who have just created their character can participate in this content starting from level 1 all the way to level 101 with increased experience. You can participate in Zero to One Hundred on as many characters as you want with no limitations.

Tisk Food Storehouse
  • You may enter the Storehouse and kill up to 1000 mobs per day on each character to gain an increased amount of exp..
  • Players can participate in this content from levels 101 - 260.
  • Players can enter the Storehouse on 3 characters per day.
  • Tips: To get the most out of Tisk Storehouse, have the following buffs. (Legion EXP, Hyper stats EXP, Rune EXP buff with Evan Link, , Mercdes link skill, Zero Legion block, budding sprout titles if you have, x2/50% exp coupon does not work here as of writing)

Starting The Game Right
With all the knowledge above, we can now start enjoying the game.
I hope you have decided on your main. If not, here are some recommendations.

Recommended main for meta-enjoyers
  • Night Walker (Greating boss and farming, probably one of the laziest farmer)
  • Dawn Warrior (Geating damage and utility for bossing, pretty decent farmer as well)
  • Bishop (No brainer)
  • Beast Tamer (FD buff, enough said, very good farmer as well accordingly to FaithBT)
Other notable classes
  • Demon Slayer (Damage goes brrrrr)
  • Ark (Damage goes brrrr)
  • Hero (Good damage, short cd iframe, easy to burst/play)
  • Bow Master (Fight boss on easy mode, great farming)

Early Game
Levelling legion/links and getting your mesos gear is the name of the game here.

Here is what I will do to kickstart my journey efficiently
  • Create a Mercedes & Evan and send them to 0-100 and tisk storehouse to unlock their link skills (Combo orb sucks here, so Aran is not needed)
  • Decide on a main and hyperburn it and get it to 260 to unlock the 6th job. Skip this step if you've not decided on a main. (This is crucial to get ASAP so you can start getting the Sol Erda booster, and the daily Sol Erda quest)
  • Get level 2/3 link skills for important links like Merc/Evan/Ark/Kinesis/Demon Avenger/Kanna and the remaining links for your class by sending 3 characters to Tisk Storehouse everyday.
  • If you do not want to waste the Tisk Storehouse usage, you can level up your character from 101-120 at Sky Nest 3 with 5 Starforce requirement. Will probably take you less than 15mins for each character
  • After you're done with your link skills, you should continue to send 3 characters to Tisk Storehouse every day based on the Legion block you require
  • At this point you should be getting about 400-500M mesos daily from lvl 260 dungeon and daily boss crystals
  • Work to level up your nodes to get that damage boost!

Farming for mesos early game
  • The short-term goal here is to be able to farm at Cernium comfortably (at least 350mobs per minute)
  • While gearing up to farm Cernium, you should work on your mesos-obtained gear to have 100% mesos obtained from all your gears combined. (You get a medal from the level 100 gift box that provides you with 60% mesos obtained potential)
  • You can get up to 168% mesos obtained without Legion Mesos Coupon (4% from Phantom Legion block, 100% from gear, 20% from inner ability and the rest from WAP)
  • If you need to earn mesos before you have 100% mesos obtained from your gear, I would recommend learning herbalism and heading to expert herb patch to mine for purple herb to sell Juniper berry seed oil, you only need level 1 herbalism for this
  • If you have 100% mesos but cannot farm Cernium comfortably, you can settle for any arcane river maps past Lachelein as well as long as you have a decent mob kills per minute
  • Remember to utilise the double erda shower feature!
  • Once you're able to farm around 1b/hour, you can start to focus on getting some hybrid or drop gears to increase your farming efficiency as you'll get more drops like Sol Erda Fragment/Energy, Symbols, Fam points

Things to do daily
  • Daily dungeon x 3
  • Daily quest (Don't forget 3000 grandis mob for more Sol Erda & Fragments)
  • Daily bosses (Good for mesos in the early game)
  • Vote to get 4 VP (8VP for 1st week of the month)
  • Claim your Sol Erda booster
  • Play minigames to get your daily 500 coins
  • Collect Legion coins and do your legion quest (Kill the dragons, optional but beneficial if you need to rush legion coins)
  • Claim daily gift for killing 300 mobs
  • Monster Park (optional, Sunday Monster park gives free x2 Exp coupon)

Things to check before the weekly reset
  • Buy out the items you need in your boss shop/legion shop/party quest shop
  • Complete your arcane river weekly quest (You can skip if it's too troublesome as it only gives 45 symbols)
  • Clear your weekly bosses
  • Clear your guild culvert/flag if required

Thanks for taking the time to view my guide, I will probably do up a gear progression guide if needed.
If I missed anything or if any information is inaccurate or outdated, please do let me know

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Oct 30, 2023
New players should read this guide more.

Other guide too much info all at once. This guide helps players start with a direction more concisely.

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