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[Kain] Poison Needle cd reset bug

New member
Apr 18, 2024
Job: Kain
Skill: 4th Job [Execute] Poison Needle (PN) which is boosted into Hexa Poison Needle

On use of Grandis Goddess Blessing, PN should have a high chance of resetting its cooldown but after testing for 10mins with no success i can only conclude that the skill is bugged.

The other 4th job [Execute] skill Chain Sickle (not boosted by Hexa until Dreamer) works and cooldown resets occur while under Grandis Goddess Blessing. All other [Execute] skills can also reset under blessing.

Did not test with cooldown skip IA
Did not test with non 6th job Kain
Verified from Kain discord that the cooldown reset of PN under Grandis Goddess Blessing should work
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