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[Khali] Summon Chakri & Resonate related bugs

New member
Mar 17, 2024
IGN: rrtyui
Job: Khali
Map: N/A
Description of bugs:

1. Chakri generation from hitting Void skills is ~10-15% less than it should be.

When hitting a boss with a void skill (Void Rush or Blitz), the chance to generate chakri should be 77% per attack (30% Summon Chakri + 47% Ascend passive with Decent CO).


After attempting to replicate parses from other regions I found that my resonate count was lower than it should be. To confirm, I collected some data using only Void Rush & Void Blitz on a dojo dummy. All tests were done with Void Enhance toggle on, and Chakri count was reset between each attempt by retoggling the skill.

Void Rush:

Void Blitz:
(Each hit counts as a separate attack, so 0-4 chakri can spawn per void blitz)

Overall, the chakri generation rate from hitting void skills on bosses seems to be about 60-65% on Eluna rather than the intended 77%.

2. Cancelling Arts skills into Void skills is not generating chakri as it should be.
Currently, only Hex skills cancelled into Void skills are generating chakri at a 100% rate, however the same should also apply to Arts skills.


E.g. The following sequence should generate 3 chakri at a 100% rate without hitting enemies.
Arts: Flurry -> Void Blitz (1), Arts: Flurry -> Void Rush (2), Arts: Crescentum -> Void Blitz (3)

Crescentum cancelled into Void Rush should also generate 1 chakri (not in video).

3. After the Hold portion of Hex Sandstorm, the chakram impact (2nd part of skill) should resonate chakri, and the sandstorm (3rd part of skill) should also resonate chakri. Currently on Eluna, only the Hold portion of the skill (3s max) is resonating chakri.

As seen in the following video, the initial 3s hold resonates all chakri generated by Death Blossom.
Following this, the chakri count increases from 0->3->6 (see buff bar), then all chakri are resonated as the chakram lands on the ground (2nd part of skill), reducing the count to 0. After the chakram lands and the skill animation finishes, the 3 chakri which were just generated are also resonated by the sand storm (3rd part of skill). In Eluna, the chakri count remains at 6 after the hold portion is finished, assuming same skill rotation.

4. Chakri generated by Death Blossom do not reach the max chakri cap when Resonate Ultimatum (V Skill) is active. The chakri cap should increase from 6 to 8 with the skill active, but chakri generated by Death Blossom will not go over the normal cap of 6.

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New member
Mar 17, 2024
Additionally, the skill fix from earlier today is only applying to Dark Sight applied by Void Rush:
  • Fixed Khali's Void Rush not allowing you to use certain skills while the Dark Sight buff is active
Most common skills still cannot be used during the Dark Sight buff applied by Void Blitz (4th job attack) MapleStory_2024-04-17_20-55-09.png